Daniel Johnson

a familiar sound

Daniel Johnson is powerful up and coming artist to keep an eye on. Daniel grew up in a small town in Iowa and made a move several years ago to build a music career out of south central Texas. Daniels voice will take you back to an older country sound that is all too familiar, however, hard to pinpoint where you've heard it. Daniel has been working hard to bring this older sound new life, mixing modern music with the old makes for a style his own. After Releasing his first two singles in 2023, Daniel headed back to the studio to finish his first full lenth album, coming in early 2024. 

Press photos

4/22/23 Limerock Amphitheater, opening for Tracy Byrd

Bucks Bar & Grill, Venice, NE w/ Ward Davis

The Backroom Lounge, Riverton IL w/ Kayla Ray